Find your "Sweet Spot"  of Self-Care

Perinatal mental health expert, Elizabeth Stallone-Lowder MSW, LCSW curates the most effective and useful psycho-educational content in this workbook for moms everywhere! Developed throughout her career working with hundreds of moms in her private practice, Sage Tree Therapy, based in St. Louis.

Ideal for the newly pregnant or or experienced parent. It's never too late to establish excellent self-care practices!
This workbook is jam packed full of insight and guidance on how to best take care of ourselves as moms.

  • Journal prompts
  • Art activities
  • Behavior trackers
  • Logs
  • Assessments
  • Coloring pages
  • much, much more!

Don't miss our on Elizabeth's honest and direct take on how moms find their "sweet spot" of self-care by tuning into four human drives - Sleep, Food, Energy and Sex.

What Moms are saying:

"I've never thought about self-care in this way before. This course gave me specific areas to focus on and see positive results in the same day!"

5 star rating

Soothing and reassuring resource for moms

Diana Aranda

This course breaks down self care from an expert who hears it all. I am finding it very validating.

This course breaks down self care from an expert who hears it all. I am finding it very validating.

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About the instructor

Instructor Title Elizabeth Stallone-Lowder MSW LCSW

Elizabeth Stallone-Lowder MSW, LCSW founded Sage Tree Therapy, LLC, a private therapy practice specializing in perinatal mood disorders (PMAD) and birth & pregnancy trauma, in 2012. She has worked in the field of women’s trauma since 1997. While earning her BSW at the University of Missouri - Columbia she worked as a social worker in settings including an IPV Women's Shelter, Boone County Prosecutor's Office and Law Enforcement. Her MSW, earned in 2004 at Saint Louis University, allowed her to gain experience at the St Louis County Health Department and Planned Parenthood , a trauma therapist for women and girls affected by sexual and domestic violence, and she is DONA Doula trained. Elizabeth has written original curriculum and facilitated therapy support groups on topics related to PTSD, trauma recovery, content related to Dr. Brene Brown's research on vulnerability and shame, sexuality, as well as perinatal mental health and motherhood. Elizabeth is trained in EMDR, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, sex therapy and expressive visual art therapy. She has served as adjunct faculty at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University and on the Executive Board of the Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation. Elizabeth resides in St. Louis with her charming husband, brilliant daughter and sweet son. She finds her "sweet spot" by napping often, going to the movies and creating mixed media portraits and collages.

Course Curriculum

    1. Sleep Grade: Self-Assessment

    2. Why is Sleep the #1 thing I pay attention to in therapy with moms

    3. Sleep Log

    4. Sleep Quick Tips

    5. Sleep Checklist

    6. How sleep deprivation can have an effect on postnatal depression VIDEO

    1. Food Grade: Self-Assessment

    2. Food Intro

    3. Two Healthy Food Frameworks

    4. A Different Kind of Food Tracker + 3 Goal Graphics

    5. Coloring Pages

    6. What Foods are Good and Bad?

    7. What is Intuitive Eating? VIDEO

    1. Energy & Stress Level Grade: Self Assessment

    2. The Energy and Stress Connection Intro

    3. How You Experience Stress

    4. Identifying Your Stress Symptoms

    5. Body Map

    6. How you Cope with Stress

    7. Your Window of Tolerance

    8. Art Activity to De-Stress: Comfort Card

    9. Art Activity to De-Stress: Scribble Art

    10. Why Moms Are Miserable: Sheryl Zieglar VIDEO

    1. Sexuality Grade: Self-Assessment

    2. Why is Sexuality so important when improving self-care?

    3. Journaling: Your Sexuality

    4. Body Positivity Activity

    5. What Moms Are Saying About Sex

    6. Sexuality FAQs with Elizabeth

    7. 6 Tips for (Re)Connecting with Your Sexuality from Elizabeth

    8. All About Postpartum Sex VIDEO

    1. More Than a Bubble Bath Grade: Self Assessment

    2. Moms Need More Than Just a Bubble Bath

    3. Our Beliefs about Preferences

    4. Preferences Journaling Activity

    5. But What if...

    6. Boundaries

    7. My Safe Zone

    8. How to Set Boundaries for a Better Postpartum

    9. Brene Brown on Boundaries VIDEO

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